A brief biography of degas edgar french painter

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Edgar Degas

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Biography of Edgar Degas

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Edgar Degas

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Jun 09,  · History of Edgar Degas (great for art lessons and kids) Edgar Degas brief biography and artwork. Berthe Morisot - French Impressionist Painter -.

Watch video · Edgar Degas was born Hilaire-Germain-Edgar de Gas on July 19,in Paris, France. His father, Auguste, was a banker, and his mother, Celestine, was an American from New Orleans. Watch video · Edgar Degas Biography Sculptor, Painter (–) Painter and sculptor Edgar Degas was a highly celebrated 19th century French Impressionist whose work helped shape the fine art landscape for years to come.

Edgar Degas was a French artist and sculptor. He is famous for his amazing works of art, paintings, prints and drawings. He is famous for his amazing works of art, paintings, prints and drawings.

He painted many of his paintings on Ballet dance and dancers. Edgar Degas was a 19th century artist from France who is best known for paintings, pastels and drawings of dancers, women at the toilette and Parisian street scenes. The product of a wealthy Parisian banking family, Degas studied art extensively and became a master draftsman by the s.

Edgar Degas, in full Hilaire-Germain-Edgar De Gas, De Gas later spelled Degas, (born July 19,Paris, France—died September 27,Paris), French painter, sculptor, and printmaker who was prominent in the Impressionist group and widely celebrated for his images of Parisian life.

A brief biography of degas edgar french painter
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Biography: Edgar Degas Art for Kids