Chinas population problems

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Environmental issues in China

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China's Population Policy Now a Problem, Not a Solution

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China's Population Policy Now a Problem, Not a Solution

China’s population policies also have a long history of abuses. One of the most recent instances was a report that family planning officials are. Oct 31,  · The population pyramids of China expose clearly a very jarring fact on the future of the Chinese population, that China will have a more-than-decent sized aging population.

China’s population is likely to peak less than 15 years from now, below a maximum of billion. After that will come a prolonged, even indefinite, population decline.

Jul 23,  · China's leadership should recognize that high fertility is no longer a problem and that continuing an outdated family planning policy fails to respond to China's new demographic realities.

Social issues in China are varied and wide-ranging, and are a combined result of the Chinese economic reforms set in place in the late s, China's political and cultural history, and an immense population.

Social issues in China

Because of the vast number of social problems that exist in China today (not at all exclusive to the following list), China's government. Feb 21,  · Immigration is low, and more Russians are moving out than foreigners are moving in. Russia's average population is actually older than China's at .

Chinas population problems
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