Hero of rezang la

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Don’t forget the heroes of Rezang La

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Rezang La – The Heroes, The Battle & The Bravery

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Shaitan Singh

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Rezang La – The Heroes, The Battle & The Bravery

Rezang La connects the Chushul Valley with rest of the country; and due to its close proximity with India-China border; it is a highly sensitive area. Civilians [except for the locals] are not allowed to enter the region without an Inner Line Permit that one has to obtain from the District Magistrate’s office in Leh.

CHUSHUL SECTOR- HEROES OF REZANG LA After retirement, I was packing my belonging to shift to new house as I had to vacate Government accommodation.

Never forget the Heroes of Rezang La

I had collected lot papers and photographs during my years of service.A photograph of my visit to Chushul brought back memories of Chushul. I. Major Shaitan Singh was commanding a company of an infantry battalion deployed at Rezang La in the Chusul sector at a height of about 17, feet.

The locality was isolated from the main defended sector and consisted of five platoon-defended position. Nov 19,  · Rezang La, as the name suggests, is a pass on the southeastern approach to Chushul valley. The feature was 3, yards long and 2, yards wide and at an average height of 16, iserxii.com: Mohan Guruswamy.

The Heroes of Rezang La Irony of the incident is that when Yadav returned to the headquarters and told everyone what had happened at Rezang La, no one believed him saying that it was impossible for the men to have killed thousands of soldiers all alone.

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A tribute to the heroes of Rezang La

The hero who prevented the Chinese from invading Assam; Let's salute an unhonoured hero!

Hero of rezang la
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