Problems faced by students of open and distance learning

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The present paper aims at discussing concept of distance education, problems faced by distant learners and problem associated with distance education system.

The study makes an effort to provide suggestive solutions for the betterment of the distance and open learning system. OBJECTIVES OF THE STUDY: Objectives of the study were: 1. Challenges faced by students with blindness in Open and Distance Learning (ODL) Open and Distance Learning refers to approaches to learning that focus on separation of the learner and the teacher in space and time while offering flexible learning opportunities.

Experiences from Students of the Zimbabwe Open University individual student, instructional and institutional. In this study we investigate challenges faced by students at Zimbabwe Open University. 2. These challenges prompt many problems in distance learning. Among these problems are. ABSTRACT The main aim of this study was to determine perceived challenges faced by visually-impaired students in Open and Distance Learning centres in Zimbabwe.

A descriptive survey approach was used in this study. Problems Faced By Students Of Open And Distance Learning.

The Problems Faced by Students in Distance Learning

The Definition of Open and Distance Learning Open and Distance Learning is a way of learning that focus on releasing learners from constraints of time and place whilst offering flexible learning opportunities.

International Review of Research in Open and Distributed Learning. Volume 17, Number 2. February - Issues and Challenges in Open and Distance e-Learning: Perspectives from the Philippines.

Problems faced by students of open and distance learning
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