Simple retrosynthesis problems

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Organic Chemistry Synthesis Reactions - Examples and Practice Problems - Retrosynthesis

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What you will study. Year 1 introduces biology, chemistry and physiology, and pharmaceutical science itself. The Foundation Chemistry for Pharmaceutical Science module introduces formulation science, pharmacokinetics and molecular modelling, emphasising practical work and instrumental techniques.

The trick to these retrosynthesis problems is to determine where the connections or "cuts" were made. The carbonyl carbon becomes an alcohol after a Grignard reaction, so that's where the "cut" must be. I am trying to learn python by making a simple program which generates a typical type of practice problem, organic chemistry students usually face on exams: the retro-synthesis question.

Now that we know all of our reactions, let's see if we can put those reactions together to synthesize some simple organic compounds. And so our goal is to make this molecule from benzene. And one approach that you can use is the concept of retrosynthesis.

In this video I'm going to walk you guys through a technique that you might need to use for diels-alder problems. So, sometimes your professor, your textbook, your online homework is going to ask you to do a diels-alder retrosynthesis, that means that you're going to be given the final cyclisation product and then you're going to be asked which diene and, which dienophile were required to make.

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Simple retrosynthesis problems
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