Solution of baby dumping problem

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Sex-selective abortion

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Rise of Baby Dumping in Malaysia

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Baby dumping in Malaysia, the unending tragedy — Dr John Theo

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Introduction Baby Dumping Essay

But most innovative is OrphanCARE's solution to secret 'baby-dumping', often conducted at night. A state-of-the-art 'baby hatch' has been installed at the facility, allowing anonymous mothers to safely leave their babies, and enabling them to be swiftly and legally processed for adoption.

The issue of baby dumping does quite often happens in Malaysia. This sort of action precisely would caused effects to the society, whether to the individual herself, or to the others. Based on the statistics infant mortality by irresponsible person 2 years ago, the problem.

"By the time they star thinking, the baby is out. That is the reason why they would rather take the risk then to be rejected by the family. "In our religion, of course having sex (before marriage) is wrong, but throwing away a baby is worse.

So I think throwing a baby is no longer caused by religious factor but cultural factor," Meriam added. issue in order to find the best solution in curbing this problem.

Index Terms—Baby dumping, teen, awareness, sex education, religious belief. I. Baby dumping is not the solution to a life problem and it The Voice of Youngsters on Baby Dumping Issues in.

For many communities, illegal dumping can be dangerous to humans and other animals, as well as to the environment, if not addressed.

Baby dumping becomes rampant

Chemicals from dump sites can contaminate wells and surface. Solutions for Chapter C Problem 2DQ. Problem 2DQ: Made in the U.S.A.— Dumped in Brazil, Africa, IT COMES TO THE SAFETY OF YOUNG children, fire is a parent’s nightmare.

Just the thought of their young one1! trapped in their cribs and beds by a raging nocturnal blaze is enough to make most mothers and fathers take every precaution to ensure their children’s safety.

Solution of baby dumping problem
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